Why Become a CPF Chapter?

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Why Become a CPF Chapter? 2013-02-07T16:58:04-05:00

As a Chapter, you will…
• receive rebates of membership fees $16.25 from one year memberships, $39.00 for three year memberships.
• able to send two sponsored delegates to provincial board meetings and the provincial annual meeting.
• eligible to submit names from their membership to be selected by the provincial Branch to attend the CPF national annual general meeting as sponsored delegates.
• with others, improve opportunities for children to learn French in school and outside the classroom.
• have access to any resource documents at the provincial office.
• receive at least one visit by a member of the provincial board upon request (an annual visit is recommended).
• have access to shared ideas for fundraising.
• have access to a large number of brochures and other resource materials concerning French second language (FSL) programs and experience people who will be able to give them advice and support in their efforts on behalf of French second language education upon request.
• have access to our numerous manuals to start day camps, parent classes, fun fairs, French Clubs, etc…
• gain credibility by belonging to a respected national/provincial organization.
• show the Federal and Provincial Governments that Canadians actively support French second-language in our schools.
As a CPF member, you will…
• receive provincial newsletters and national newsletters and have access to the latest information and research on French second language education.
• receive resources on how to help your child learn French.
• receive advance knowledge of CPF events for you our your child.
• be eligible for discounts on CPF publications and resources.
• be eligible for special offers available only to CPF member.
• be able to participate in CPF organized events.
• be eligible to attend workshops and information sessions on topics of special interest to immersion parents.
• be part of a national organization who want our children to be Bilingual.