French Immersion, Late French Immersion, Early French Immersion and Post-Intensive French students compete for provincial title!

Moncton  – The 30th   annual Concours d’art oratoire, the provincial French public speaking competition for students studying French as a second language in French Post-Intensive and  French Immersion programs went off with a bang on May 7th    at l’Université de Moncton, Pavillon Jeanne-de-Valois.  The competition is organized by Canadian Parents for French NB (CPF NB) to provide students in French second language programs an opportunity to use their second language outside the classroom environment.

This year 150 students from the four provincial Anglophone school districts and ranging from grades six to twelve participated in the Concours. Approximately 450 parents, guardians, teachers and volunteers attended the event. 

All students received participation certificates and “Proud of Two Languages” t-shirts.  First place winners received trophies and plaques and second and third place winners received plaques from CPF NB. The first place winners in Grade 11/12 Post Intensive French, Grade 12 Early French Immersion and Grade 12 Late French Immersion categories won a bursary of $2000 for 1st place, $1500 for 2nd place and $1000 for 3rd place winners from the Université de Moncton. The 1st place winners in these categories also won a trip to Ottawa, Ontario to compete in the CPF National speech competition on May 28, 2016.

2016 guest speakers

The Guest Speakers at the Concours d’art oratoire this year were:   Me Katherine d’Entremont, Commissioner of Official Languages for New Brunswick; Mr. Pat Finnigan MP for Mirramichi and Grand Lake area; Hon. Serge Rousselle, Minister of Education and Early Childhood Decvelopment and Attorney General and  Mr. Jean-Marc Arseneau Student Recruting Agent at  Université of  Moncton.

The first, second and third place winners of the 16 French second language categories are: 

Grade 6 French Immersion:

1st Tomilyn Allen (ASD- East, JMA Armstrong /Salisbury Middle School, Salisbury),

2nd Hailey Fisher (ASD-North, Superior Middle School, Bathurst),

3rd Sarah Wheeler (ASD-East, Northrup Frye School, Moncton)

2016 gr 6 fi

Grade 7 French Immersion:

1st Dahlia Zaat (ASD- West, Nashwaaksis Middle School, Fredericton),                                                               

2nd Hillary Russell (ASD-East, St Stephen Middle School, St Stephen),

3rd  Hillary Parker (ASD-North, Campbellton Middle School, Campbellton)

2016 gr   7fi

Grade 7 Late French Immersion:

1st Amelia Guitard (ASD-South, Rothesay Park School, Rothesay),

2nd Isaac Kennedy (ASD-South, River Valley Middle School, Grand-Bay -Westfield),

3rd Inayyat Seth (ASD-North, Superior Middle School, Bathurst)

2016 gr 7late

Grade 7/8 Post-Intensive French:

1st Frank Yu, (ASD-West, George Street Middle School, Fredericton),

2nd Curtis Vandenbrand, (ASD-North, Superior Middle School, Bathurst),

3rd  Nicole Beuk,(ASD-West, George Street Middle School, Fredericton)

2016 gr 7-8pif

Grade 8 French Immersion:

1st Marlee-Rae Brewer (ASD-West, Nashwaaksis Middle School, Fredericton),

2nd Tarrah Gauthier (ASD-North, Bathurst High School, Bathurst),

3rd James Paddle (ASD-East, Lewisville Middle School, Moncton)

2016 gr 8fi

Grade 8 Late French Immersion:

1st Vanshika Kaitan (ASD-West, Bliss Carmen Middle School, Fredericton),

2nd Emily England (ASD-South, Harry Miller Middle School, Saint John),

3rd Sage Griffin (ASD-West, Nashwaaksis Middle School, Fredericton)

2016 gr 8late

Grade 9 Early French Immersion:

1st Elizabeth Landry (ASD-East, JMA Armstrong /Salisbury Middle School, Salisbury),

2nd Ainsley Cunningham (ASD-East, Tantramar Regional High School, Sackville),

3rd Justin Harrigan (ASD-South, Kennebecasis Valley High School, Rothesay)

2016 gr 9efi

Grade 9 Late French Immersion:

1st Ellen Doria (ASD-West, Leo Hayes High School, Fredericton),

2nd Brooklyn Wilkins (ASD-East, Caledonia Regional High School, Hillsborough),

3rd Charley Howatt (ASD-East, Petitcodiac Regional School, Petitcodiac)

2016 gr 9late

Grades 9/10 Post-Intensive French:

1st Sarah Kelly (ASD-West, Fredericton High School, Fredericton),

2nd Brandi Harvey (ASD-West, Hartland Community School, Hartland),

3rd Kathleen Desmond (ASD-South, St Malaky’s High School, St John)

2016 gr 9-10pif

Grade 10 Early French Immersion:

1st Natasha Vatcher (ASD-West, Oromocto High School, Oromocto),

2nd Ishwar Desai (ASD-West, Fredericton High School, Fredericton),

3rd Jessica Schwarze (ASD-South, Fundy High School, St George)    

2016 gr 10efi

Grade 10 Late French Immersion:

1st SunMin Park (ASD-East, Bernice MacNaughton High School, Moncton),

2nd Diyasha Sen (ASD-South, Kennebecasis Valley High School, Rothesay),

3rd Sarah Kim (ASD-South, St. John High School, St. John)

2016 gr 10late

Grade 11 Early French Immersion:

1st Graham Gourley (ASD-West, Oromocto High School, Oromocto),

2nd Jasmine Eng (ASD-West Fredericton High School, Fredericton),

3rd Kaylee Gauthier (ASD-North, Bathurst High School, Bathurst)

2016 gr 11efi

Grade 11 Late French Immersion:

1st Kateryna Fylypchuck (ASD-South, St John High School, St John),

2nd Rebekah Howe (ASD-West, Oromocto High School, Oromocto),

3rd Emma Brown (ASD-South, St Stephen High School, St Stephen)

2016 gr 11late

Grade 11/12 Post Intensive French:

1st Amy Dai (ASD-South, Saint John High School, Saint John),

2nd Selena Truong (ASD-West, Fredericton High School, Fredericton),

 3rd Alyssa Barrieault (ASD-South, Belleisle Regional High School, Belleisle)

2016 gr 11-12pif

Grade 12 Early French Immersion:

1st Austin Henderson (ASD-East JMA Armstrong /Salisbury Middle School, Salisbury),

2nd Lexie Forsythe (ASD-East, Riverview High School, Riverview),

3rd Kristeen Atkinson (ASD-South, Kennebecasis Valley High School, Rothesay)

 2016 gr 12efi

Grade 12 Late French Immersion:

1st Lea Muhigi (ASD-East, Moncton High School Moncton),

2nd Alexis Harvey (ASD-South, Kennebecasis Valley High School, Rothesay),

3rd Brianna Long (ASD-North, Bathurst High School, Bathurst)

 2016 gr 12late