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From kindergarten to postgraduate studies, CPF has tools and activities for youth and students in Canada currently studying French as a second language.

This video was created by students attending the class course EDUC 5563 – French Immersion Methods – ST Thomas

University of Moncton

The French periodic table with combing capacity has been updated.

One Charter, Two Languages, A Thousand and One Voices, young people from the four corners of the country, born shortly after the Charter was signed, tell us what bilingualism and official languages mean to them.

Free Ebooks – English Books|French Books

Illustrated French Encyclopedia An illustrated encyclopedia, the result of collaboration between educational publishing house ERPI and the technology of Google.

Language Wheel The Language Wheel. This efficient and user-friendly tool enables students to learn the irregular verbs of different languages. It is composed of three rotary cardboard discs (20 cm of diameter). All the verbs are listed in alphabetical order and are distributed on both sides of the Wheel. The Language Wheel is a motivating didactical tool that contributes to the learning process of verbs, an essential aspect of a language. To use the Wheel, simply point the arrow toward a selected verb and you automatically obtain the conjugated verb!

French Social Studies


Magazines in French


Games SitepourEnfants | French Fun – Games – Comics – Tongue Twisters – Jokes

French Computer Accents (career potential resulting from French language education)

Math and Science Words

Online help

French alphabet and sounds

Keys to French order form Learning French Made Easy.

French Pronunciation – A site where you can hear the French Word.

See also our Youth Activities section for camps, contests and more!

Outside Sources

CPF’s partners, collaborators and sponsors have a variety of tools as well for students in Canada; check out the links below!

Le Myosotis – CPF members qualify for a 10% discount!

French-language study aids and software